Annually we deliver than 1500+ skilled manpower. We produce the youth in a form, which fulfill the market requirements. Our main courses are in the following sectors;


Relationship manager

    * Deal remotely with customer queries.

    * Build and maintain positive and effective relationships with customers.

    * Apply problem-solving approaches in different situations.

    * Plan and organize your work to achieve targets and deadlines.

    Minimum Educational Qualifications: 10th
    Maximum Educational Qualifications: Master's Degree in any discipline.
    Minimum Job Entry Age: 18 years.
    Course Duration: 480 hours.
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Office manager

    * Office support and administrative functions.

    * Requires proficiency in operation of computers, office equipment, full range of general office services and functions of their department and work assignment.

    * To provide daily work reports and work on daily hour bases.

    * Undertake data entry services.

    * Read, understand and interpret various documents both in Soft copy and hard copy, and office instructions received from various sources.

    Minimum Educational Qualifications: 12th Standard Passed, preferably.
    Maximum Educational Qualifications: Not Applicable.
    Minimum Job Entry Age: 18 years.
    Course Duration: 480 hours.
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Sales Professtional

    * Service and process all customer transactions.

    * Interact with customers to understand and service customer needs with specialization.

    * Leading to maximization of business in a retail environment.

    * To process customer orders for goods, part exchange sale transactions and payments.

    Minimum Educational Qualifications: 10th
    Experience : 0-1 Year.
    Minimum Job Entry Age: 18 years.
    Course Duration: 400 hours.
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Retail sales Person

    * Continuously update self on new products/services offered by business.

    * Conduct daily business operations.

    * Build relationship with vendors/dealers to ensure smooth business operations and increase sales.

    * Manage customer needs effectively through need identification and strong customer relationship.

    * Demonstrate/show creativity, newness/Innovation and enthusiasm to grow business.

    Educational Qualifications : 5th Standard Pass.
    Experience : No.
    The minimum age limit : 18 years.
    Course Duration: 420 hours.
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Production manager

    * Manage production process in food processing unit.

    * Manage production optimization and cost efficiency in food processing unit.

    * Manage documentation system and implement safety and environmental policies in food processing unit.

    Minimum Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.
    Maximum Educational Qualifications: Not Applicable.
    Minimum Job Entry Age : 21 years.
    Course Duration: 260 hours.
    Experience: 10-12 years in food processing unit.
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Sales executive

    * Visit retail outlets to deliver prepaid telecom products/services to retailers, as per daily Route/Beat Plan.

    * Have to achieve monthly revenue target.

    * Increase width and depth of distribution.

    * Adhere to process compliance for new customer enrollment and increase customer base.

    Minimum Educational Qualifications : +2.
    Maximum Educational Qualifications : Graduate in any stream.
    Minimum Job Entry Age: 18 years.
    Course Duration: 360 hours.
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Our Values




Our pursuit of excellence is driven by high professional standards in delivering quality products and services to our partners and stakeholders.


We believe in leading from the front with conviction, initiative and accountability. Our aim is to create a balance between grassroots experience, strategic thinking and policy making, with a focus on thoughtful action and an agile approach to problem-solving.


Being honest, dedicated and loyal with transparency in ownership and communication represents the spirit of our daily work life. We follow the golden rule by treating others as we wish to be treated and by meeting our commitments.


We seek to pioneer the effective deployment of technology to maximize the impact & benefits to our partners and stakeholders. New ideas, new possibilities and new ways of working strengthen our global outlook and boundless creativity.


We work with diverse individuals and organizations to achieve common goals and inclusive solutions, in a mutually empowering way.


We seek to create transformational, sustainable and scalable economic acceleration in niche areas of emerging economies, resulting in positive and high-impact outcomes.

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